What makes Avalon Pearls different from other pearl companies?

We dont believe in overstating our goods.  We want every shipment we make to exceed your expectations.  With our generations of experience in the jewelry industry, we only use the finest components and plating to go with our legendary pearls.  

Why are Avalon Pearls superior to other pearls?

Our staff sources pearls directly from the pearl farms all over the world.  The GIA trained professionals, fluent in several languages, buy only the best of the best pearls.  Less than 3% of all pearls made available for purchase are good enough to be used as an Avalon Pearl.  Our Chloe Collection (the finest freshwater pearls in the world) represents less than a tenth of a percent of the pearls available for purchase.  

Where are Avalon Pearl products produced?

Are Pearls come from all over the world, we specialize in freshwater pearls, but have stock of Tahitian, Japanese Akoya, and South Sea Pearls in stock that we customize for our clients, if you are interested, please email us at info@avalonpearls.com.  

We are proud to say that we assemble most of our goods here in the US.  All of our strand styles are individually hand knotted on fine silk thread by one of our professional assemblers here in the US.  We also have a production facility in Zhejiang, China close to a lot of the major freshwater pearl farms in the world.  Our facility has been audited by several third party inspectors and passed social compliance and worker safety with flying colors every time. 

I am buying my first pearl necklace and dont understanding grading, what should I do?

If you are buying your first pearl jewelry and are unsure about anything, we first recommend you give us an email and tell us what you want so one of our GIA trained professionals can walk you through the purchase.  

The grading of pearls is very subjective, but I would like to give you a brief explanation of grading.  

Pearls are graded on three main categories

1.)Luster- The shine or reflectiveness of the pearls surface.  This in our opinion is the most important quality, but of course the others are important as well.  The most valuable pearls have amazing luster while dull pearls are worth considerably less.

2.)Shape- How round is the pearl? Typically the more round the pearl is, the more valuable it is.  This is not an important quality for irregular pearl shapes such as baroque or potato as the irregular shapes are what give those pearls their unique quality.

3.)Surface Quality- If you take a close look at the pearls surface, how many imperfections do you see, how large are the imperfections?  The most valuable pearls have nearly know imperfections.

Each of these categories are graded from A (lowest (but not all pearls are up to this standard) to AAAA (highest).  Whatever category has the lowest grade dictates the overall grade for the pearls.  For example if a pearl has AAAA luster, AAA shape and A surface quality, the overall grade would be an A.  Its important to know what quality is most important to you.  


A- An offround pearl with surface imperfections and decent luster.

AA- A slightly off round pearl, with few surface imperfections and higher luster

AAA- A pearl that appears round to the eye, with very few imperfections and high luster.

AAAA-A near perfect pearl, nearly perfectly round, with little to no surface imperfections and amazing luster.

What size necklace should I buy?

There are many factors to consider when deciding what length necklace you want, such as your dimensions, how you want the necklace to hang, etc.?  Take below as a general guideline for pearl strands

15" The smallest size we offer (you can always make a request to info@avalonpearls.com for a smaller size if you require) wears more like a choker than a typical necklace.  It is also a good option for petite women or children.

16" A necklace that will hang a little higher on the neck, also a good option for petite frames, but generally will not hang as much as a longer 18"

18" A full strand of pearls for an average sized woman, they will hang a little lower from the neck.  This is one of our most popular sizes for the traditional single strand necklace.